Get To Us In Case Of Any Inquiry

Feel free to contact us. Use the contact form below to write to us. Or you may make us a call on our hotline. +256 (0) 392 176 968.

Customising Orders

For a custom order:
1.) Let us know what artwork you would like.
2.) Let us know the colors you would like.
3.) Let us know if you would like a set.
4.) Tell us if you live in Kampala or Mukono because we may be able to hand deliver your order to you.
5.) any other comments, questions, or concerns.


Please allow us time for customizing your order. We work as fast as we can however, please allow at least 3-4 weeks for customized orders (especially large ones). We customize all orders so each piece is unique. We custom paint and hand craft each and every item.  We will do our absolute best to create what you envision. Please understand that we really do try to make each customer as happy as possible so we will do everything we can to make you happy with your purchase




  Your Personal Information is Kept Private. We 100% Prohibit Spam.

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