Gorilla Arts Africa

Gorilla Arts  is  an online Store that enables you reach a vast of African made Art, Crafts and Ceramics. 

We deal in a rich tradition of African arts and crafts and these arts and crafts find expression in a variety of woodcarvings, brass and leather art works. African arts and crafts also include sculpture, paintings and pottery/ceramics.

Arts & Crafts

African Arts and Crafts are made (handcrafted) with hands by some of the best African Artisans who can be found. These crafts comprise of different raw materials including backcloth, sisal, fiber, cloth, tanga, wood and may others.

Pottery & Ceramics

Products are made out of Ugandan clay from swamps and wetlands.

The pieces are made by hand forming and machine (wheel)

We use WHITE clay for painting white and AUNT-Hill soil for obtaining red colour to decorate the pieces

After painting we polish the pieces using small ocean stones to make them smooth.

The pieces are left for 5 days to dry and then they are loaded into the oven (kiln) for firing.

The (art pieces) are fired until 940 degrees for 12 hours.

After firing, they are offloaded when the oven (kiln) cools.

We mix liquid clay, fired clay and sand to cover our decorations on the pieces and then we make the open firing using wood shavings that let the smoke on the pieces to make them black. This process is called smoking. After then, they are washed, the covered and uncovered parts get black smoke.


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